空間設計・インテリアデザイナー・コーディネーター トランスワーク(株) 代表取締役 「Lights Gallery」マネージング・ディレクター

トランスワーク(株) 代表取締役
「Lights Gallery」マネージング・ディレクター

日本の美、そして世界各地を旅する中で出会った美に育まれた繊細かつ豊かな感性を生かし、インテリアや空間のデザイン・コーディネート・プロデュースを手掛ける。美を紡ぐ作家や職人への尊敬の念、そしてものづくりに対する真摯な姿勢のもとに、多くのデザイナー、設計士、 職人、アーティストが集い、共に既成概念にとらわれない新たな美の追求に取り組んでいる。

2016年4月に国内外のアート作品を展示する「Lights Gallery」を名古屋市円頓寺にオープン。写真・映像・インスタレーション・工芸などのアーティストと共に、その作品と空間の領域を光と影により融合させ、新たな物語を生み出している。それは、自身の根底に流れる「影」に宿る・「光」に在るものの本質に近づき迫ろうとする無意識の意識が、既存の枠を飛び越えて、空間に漂う気配を静かに掬い上げることによって実現している。



愛知淑徳大学 創造表現学科 建築インテリア専攻非常勤講師、名古屋市立大学芸術工学部インテリアデザイン非常勤講師、国立大学法人名古屋工業大学工学部構造・デザイン非常勤講師、ほか企業講演・社員研修に携わる。

Spatial Designer・Interior Designer・Coordinator
CEO of Trans+Work
Managing Director of Lights Gallery

The beauty of Japan and the beauty encountered while traveling around the world, combined with delicate and rich sensibilities developed through various aesthetic experiences, guide my design, coordination, and production of impressive spaces. I am able to produce innovative work through an honest approach that discards preconceptions by bringing together many passionate designers, architects, artisans, and artists who share mutual respect.

In April 2016, Lights Gallery opened in Endoji, Nagoya, exhibiting domestic and international artwork. Artists’ work, such as photography, video, installation art, and crafts, are curated by fusing them with lights and shadows in the gallery space to create a whole new experience. My unconscious mind constantly seeks to intuitively understand objects through the interplay of light and shadow, because their essence can be found in this relationship. I delicately design the atmosphere of the gallery space by focusing on the interaction of the lights and shadows to bring out new and different experiences for each piece of artwork based on this exchange.

My sense of space expands from the interior to the surrounding area, town, region, and beyond to create new spatial designs that combine traditional arts and crafts from Japan’s rich history with creations from around the world.

In 2018, as a municipal government project, I created a photobook called "KOMONO" to represent the local environment of Komono in Mie. As producer and director, I worked with a photographer, designer, and writer to exhibit the story of the land where nature and culture are still intertwined. In my work, I incorporate traditional artwork and craftwork by artists and artisans from across various parts of Japan into spaces where residents and visitors can feel comfortable and find inspiration.

Instructor of Architecture and Interior Design at Aichi Shukutoku University, Department of Creation and Representation, Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, and Nagoya Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Design. As well as corporate lectures and employee training.

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